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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® Download

Select and download the software for the required operating. The downloaded Windows versions can be executed directly. For the other versions please unpacked the donwloaded archive file and then execute the unpacked file.

If you download this software you agree to our Conditions of License and Use. All files - offered here for download - are checked regularly with actual antivirus software.

Operating system (OS) Version MD5 checksum
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86) V10.11 32 bit d89df6bcf28cf49f3b43ab85aeb81138
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.11 64 bit 1715122ded68e32a186a52a14de169f9
SendXMS for Linux (ARM32) (glibc ≥ 2.7) (e.g.: Raspberry) V10.11 32 bit 15eb7d0570acd45299c702f82ed56769
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.11 32 bit bb26ea3de7cd53ff6b16b60e7d628c81
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.7) V10.11 32 bit a24b6802aae7c50919e7f139144d56b5
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.4) V10.11 32 bit 2d65abe3c759d902f8ddab9d752ee574
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.11 64 bit 515828765dad808523dfa5c1b53628be
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.7) V10.11 64 bit c5f747629c6cdbf8220220faaaf0f92b
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.4) V10.11 64 bit 1279d3cba885bc6ca48af1339bc3d33d
SendXMS for MacOS (x86) V10.11 32 bit f788d15e6d9acf301414d537084ebd6d
SendXMS for MacOS (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.11 64 bit e445a32436f72e75320696f49c18aa1c
SendXMS for Windows (x86) V10.11 32 bit a8683a184921156cd68f9ef6eefdd2e0
SendXMS for Windows (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.11 64 bit e79fec1e603047ada80bd34d99a3de56

In case that you want to use an Android device in SendXMS you can also use our app ttySendXMS.